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who am i? im a jewish supremacist, i larp as white online. i like far right people because they seem to be the only people who can handle my level of edgy banter. i like to shitpost on the internet, i like the occult, and im abit of a chud.

I've always liked to fuck with people when i was younger, now with the internet i can do it without punishment or fingerwagging. As for the occult stuff, religion/spirituality in general always interested me.. i dont know why.

Interesting personal fact about me: the day before my mom gave birth to me, she had a dream she gave birth to a black cat! black cats in some cultures are considered lucky, others not so much... so i guess time will tell.

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I want to write about about the Thule Society, the state of the modern far right internet (2016-2022), and current day oddities for people to enjoy down the line.

- questions/feelings you might have -


" What???? so your a jewish nazi??!!!! "

... no. read Mein Kampf, i bet you've read the communist manifesto. Hitler did not hate jews, he was annoyed by the way they were acting. i'll get into it in my blog.

" your not jewish, your just a regular nazi, this is just a joke!!!"

... im related to the guy "The Pianist (2002)" was based off, i am also related to 2 holocaust survivors. Both of which i have heard many stories about, but never met.

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